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Monday, December 10, 2012

Plastic Cup Collectibles: With Price Guide Book Review

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Plastic Cup Collectibles: With Price Guide Book Review

About the Book:Whether you realize it or not, you are probably already a collector of plastic cups. Just look in your kitchen cabinets and you'll find those plastic cups you didn't realize you were even collecting. The popularity of collecting plastic cups is rapidly increasing due to the latest collaborated marketing efforts between the fast food restaurant and movie industries in promoting a blockbuster movie while selling soft drinks. Plastic cup collecting is no longer just a hobby. The increasing interest and rapid growth of this newest market clearly demands that information and prices be made available to the expanding group of knowledgeable and novice collectors. In over 150 full color photographs, Bryan Meccareillo provides a complete guide to these new collectible

Our Take:We are big collectors here at the Legion.  One of the things I enjoy collecting is plastic cups of all kinds, especially fast food and promotional cups.  This great little book collects a lot of full color examples of what cups are out there.  I have a mixed reaction to this book, though.  On one hand, a lot of the items are mis-marked (such as a 1990s animated Attack of the Killer Tomatoes mug that is labeled as being from 1976, and the 1983 He-Man Burger King Cups are listed as a 1995 Little Caesars promotion?).  The book starts out strong archiving a lot of the common cup lines, but eventually falls into very random offerings that don't really mesh.  Its rather clear that rather than being any type of complete archive this is a showcase of author Bryan Meccariello's collection.  On the other hand, I really enjoy seeing Bryan's collection and rather than a great collectible reference guide, this is a really fun coffee table book that is very attractive and well layed-out for flipping through. 

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