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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion Book Review

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Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion Book Review

About the Book: The cult television series Dark Shadows is fondly remembered by its fans — not least Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, who reunited to bring a stunning reimagining of the show to the big screen.

Produced in close cooperation with Tim Burton and the production team, this lavish official companion to the film includes a Foreword by Depp, an Introduction by Burton and an Afterword by producer Richard D. Zanuck, alongside scores of photos, concept drawings, production designs, and interviews with the cast and crew.

Our Take:I'm too young to remember Dark Shadows very well, but I tell you what, I NEVER miss a Tim Burton film.  They're like Xmas to us here at the Legion.  Anything he touches entertains us so vastly and so completely that we're Burton junkies.  I will admit that before I saw Dark Shadows I was a little skeptical about whether this would be my first disappointment as a fan, but thankfully the film was quirky, funny and was fantastic.  Now, Titan books gives us a great hardcover visual companion to the film.  This one focuses on the characters, the sets, the costumes and even the cinematography and editing.   This one is the perfect companion piece to the film and is sure to delight any fan.  We highly recommend it.

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