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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Collision Earth Blu-Ray Review

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Collision Earth Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: When a massive comet strikes the Sun, it knocks Mercury out of orbit and sends it hurtling towards Earth. But each day the now-magnetized planet gets closer, it triggers gravitational chaos around the world: Flaming meteors crash into the ground. Automobiles are sucked into the sky. And the worst is still to come. Can a disgraced scientist (Kirk Acevedo of ''Fringe'') and the lone surviving crewmember (Diane Farr of ''Californication'' and ''Numb3rs'') on a crippled space shuttle stop this Extinction Level Event by re-activating the top-secret planetary defense system known as 'Project 7'? Andrew Airlie (''Reaper'') and Jessica Parker Kennedy (''The Secret Circle'') co-star in the out-of-this-world Syfy Original from the director of ICE QUAKE, POLAR STORM and STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE

Review: I remember the days when sci-fi was a very specific genre that often required us to suspend our belief in what we currently know about science and space in order to be entertained.  Collision Earth harkens back to that time.  The graphics aren't stellar, but the story and characters bring me back to a time when B movies were B movies.   It reminds me of when Syfy Channel was Sci-Fi Channel (nerd humor) and the films were based on their merits of entertainment.  Yes, the physics behind this are unquestionably fictional, but of course this is a movie!   Its fun, action packed and definately a great watch. 

Interest Range: Sci-Fi