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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Supernatural Activity DVD Review

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Supernatural Activity DVD Review

Synopsis: In the realms of reality TV, ghost hunting is big business. And the Supernatural Activity team is at the top of their game, debunking myths, ghouls, and spooky places, for freaked-out viewers everywhere. The world's most beloved illusionist, accompanied by a crack team of paranormal investigators, embark on what might be their most terrifying assignment yet which works out great, since it s the last episode of the season.  Besides, everyone knows there s not really such a thing as ghosts. What could go wrong? Terrorized at every turn, this witch-hunting, ghost-busting, creature-questing supernatural spoof-tacular is the funniest footage ever found! Turn the lights out.  Watch with a friend you trust. Keep your eyes on the screen. Order me a sandwich. I m sorry what was I talking about?

Review: Whether its the Loaded Weapon or Hot Shots or Scary Movie films...spoofs of major films are always fun.  Supernatural Activity is a fantastic and fun spoof of the found footage horror genre.   This one is a great watch and definately does not disappoint.  We highly recommend.

Interest Range: Spoof, Comedy