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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lawrence of Arabia Blu-Ray (50th Anniversary Collector's Edition) Review

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Lawrence of Arabia Blu-Ray (50th Anniversary Collector's Edition) Review

Synopsis: David Lean's biography of the enigmatic T. E. Lawrence paints a complex portrait of the desert-loving Englishman who united Arab tribes in battle against the Ottoman Turks during World War I.

Review: Lawrence of Arabia is a phenominal classic film that has endured through the generations to become a cult hit.  This great new boxed set features the film on blu-ray and the high-def transfer is outstanding!  I was greatly surprised by the quality of both the video and audio.  Also, the great hardcover book is a wonderful way to commemorate this classic film.  We cannot recommend this set enough!  It would make a great Xmas gift!

The special features include:
  • 3 Blu-ray discs (3rd disc exclusive to the gift set) featuring:
    • Fully-restored version of the film
    • New Blu-ray exclusive special features including Picture-in-Graphic and interviews with Peter O'Toole and Martin Scorsese.
  • Soundtrack CD, including two previously unreleased tracks
  • Hard-bound coffee table book including full-color photos, history of the film's significance, insight into the making of the film, and editorial pieces by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg
  • Numbered, mounted 70mm film cell
  • Limited edition collector's package including Lawrence of Arabia image presented in a deluxe 50th Anniversary slipcase and o-ring. An essential addition to any collection.

Interest Range: Vintage Film