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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early Review of History's Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us

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We had the opportunity to check out the History Channel's new special Mankind: The Story of All of Us in advance and let me tell you it was an eye opening experience.  This six part series opens with tales of prehistoric mankind all the way through the iron age.   We are used to a certain level of quality from History and overall this show delivers.  The re-enactments are well done, great graphics and action.  The information was great and mostly well presented, but the one thing we aren't crazy about are the experts that they have talking in the segments..a few of them are credible like a Harvard professor and a military historian, but they have Anthony Bourdain, a rather vapid author and some ex-marine...I mean a handful of people that I put no credibility and in and honestly offer nothing to the special.  Also, they keep referencing "before Christ" as a timeline note....I think the scientific community has been using BCE for quite some time, but thats just my personal annoyance.  These little notes certainly don't hurt the overall quality of the special.

History is ambitious, thats for sure!  This is quite the undertaking and we're definately along for the ride.  The first part of this series premieres tonight at 9 PM ET / 8PM Central on the History Channel.