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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re-Cap: ‘Revolution’ Episode 6

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Charlie Matheson may seem like she’s all bark and no bite, but guess again! Last night on ‘Revolution’ Charlie ALMOST proved that she has what it takes to live the road warrior life and get her kid brother back.

Revolution’s leading lady has gone from whimpering child to kickass heroine — all in the span of five episodes!

In Monday’s episode, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) came one step closer to toughening up in this post-apocalyptic world, nearly killing an innocent man in cold blood — but someone else did it first! Which group member, instead, went down the dark path? Check out the burning questions this week’s episode of Revolution posed:

Miles has some interesting friends: Miles (Billy Burke) takes the group to a poppy farm to get help for Nora (Daniella Alonso), whose knife wound to the gut has begun to fester. Unfortunately, Drexel, a poppy field owner who supplies the republic with heroin, is not too pleased to see Miles. Turns out, Miles and Drexel have a past and parted on bad terms, and since an Irish family up the road keeps burning down his poppy crops, Drexel feels Miles owes him and wants to make Charlie do the deed. Seriously though, how many people across America has Miles pissed off?

Charlie’s a tough girl now: After having visions of her mother leaving the family, along with her father saying she’s strong like her mom, Charlie decides to rip up every single postcard she’s been collecting all these years. Yes, mommy issues. She agrees — since she’s become a hardened road warrior all of a sudden — to kill the Irish man who has been causing Drexel trouble in order to spare Miles & Co., but Drexel knows she won’t come out of it alive, which is why Miles goes to save her. Still, she comes this close to killing an innocent man, but Miles stops her just in time. How soon until she totally goes off the deep end?

Aaron’s woeful past: Aaron’s (Zak Orth) is a tale of riches to rags thanks to the blackout. After his wife suffers through a terrible car crash, dysentery and a near kidnapping, Aaron realizes he can’t take care of his wife and he has no real skills to offer. So, when faced with either killing Nora to survive or letting him kill her, he asks her to shoot him knowing he has nothing to offer the group. Instead, he fake shoots himself so he can then kill Drexel. So now he’s a hero? Probably not considering he left his wife behind to fend for herself. It’s OK, she’s probably dating that guy who initially saved them anyway by now.

Miles’ magic blood: Sure, the producers wanted the group not to feel safe so they killed off the only doctor on the show. However, they made it so Miles could donate blood to anyone with his O negative blood type. Sure, we believe that!

Neville’s new job: Monroe (David Lyons) wasn’t even mad for Ben Matheson’s death. In fact, he promoted Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) to head of intelligence and interrogations, meaning Neville will finally get to be close to home. But it’s Jason (JD Pardo) we should probably worry about now since he openly questioned Monroe’s choice in a particular sergeant to retrieve Ben’s pendant — someone who wouldn’t let the group survive. Will Jason come to Charlie’s rescue?

Reunited and it feels so good? Danny (Graham Rogers) is finally in the clutches of Monroe, but the dastardly villain makes it clear that he’s a guest in their community. Sure. He does let Daniel reunite with his mother Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), but if she doesn’t start getting those pendants together, this reunion could be short-lived.

What do you think of Charlie’s new ‘tude?

‘Revolution’ airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

Source: TV Guide