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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Perry Mason: The Seventh Season, Vol. 2 DVD Review

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Perry Mason: The Seventh Season, Vol. 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Perry Mason, the popular TV franchise that inspired a genre of courtroom dramas returns with the second half of the seventh season. Raymond Burr continues igniting the screen as a brilliant attorney who will stop at nothing to crack the most impossible cases to uncover the truth.

Review: Perry Mason was one of those shows that I used to watch as a kid when I was home sick from school.  In my market, back in the 1980s, they would re-run episodes at noon.  Over the years, I saw a lot of Perry and I came to really love the show.  The series, which ran for a total of nine seasons, sees the final 15 episodes of season 7 collected on this DVD release.  You get a lot more of Perry on the go and less office scenes.  Amongst my favorite things are seeing the old cars and vintage 1960s Los Angeles.  Its wonderful.  The show follows the same formula, it did from start to finish, so if you love Perry Mason, then you love it.   The video transfer is amazing, it looks far better than when it was originally broadcast and re-run on TV, plus the sound is full and booming.  We're happy to add this DVD to our persona library and I'm sure you will be too.

Interest Range: TV, Mystery