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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gunsmoke: The Sixth Season, Vol. 2 DVD Review

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Gunsmoke: The Sixth Season, Vol. 2 DVD Review

Synopsis:  America's longest running, trail blazing western, Gunsmoke, returns to DVD with the second volume of the pioneering sixth season!

Review:  Gunsmoke was a fantastic western that aired back in the 1960s.  The show featured a fantastic cast, including the infamous Miss Kitty and great memorable characters like Festus.  This DVD release collects the remainder of the fantastic sixth season of the show.   The video transfer to DVD looks fantastic.  Any fan of the show will love this release, its a great addition to your vintage TV library!

The episode list for this three disc set is as follows:

1. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR - Young Pete Scooper steals a sack of potatoes from the Galloways. Fleeing, he gashes his leg on barbed wire and later dies of blood poisoning. Matters esculate as Pete's father seeks revenge.

2. BAD SEED - Matt catches Trudy Trent trying to steal food from his camp. She tells the Marshall her father is a mean drunk and she ran away. Matt learns this is true and takes her back to Dodge City.

3. KITTY SHOT - George Helm and Jake Baylor are having a good time until the argument starts. It ends in a gunfight with a stray bullet hitting Kitty. While Doc works to save Kitty, Matt chases the fleeing Jake Baylor.

4. ABOUT CHESTER - When Doc fails to show up to set a boys broken leg, Kitty starts to worry. Realizing no one's seen him for a few days, Matt and Chester go looking.

5. POT SHOT - The Sheriff of a nearby town telegraphs Matt that escaped robbers may be on their way to Dodge.

6. OLD FACES - Tom and Tilda Cook try to settle in Dodge, but Tilda has a past, and a gunman named Ed Ivers remembers it!

7. BIG MAN - Pat Swarner tries to force his attentions on Kitty until Matt shuts him down, leading to problems.

8. LITTLE GIRL - Matt and Chester discover a burned cabin on the prairie - and the little girl, now an orphan, who used to live there.

9. STOLEN HORSES - Horse thieves Tebow and Acker murder Jim Redigo. Jed Cuff's poor eyes are still good enough to see it and he races to Dodge where he tells Matt. Matt trails the outlaws to a camp and finds Redigo's horses.

10. MINNIE - Rough-edged Minnie comes to Dodge for help with a minor bullet wound - and falls for Doc. Trouble is, she's got a jealous husband.

11. BLESS ME TILL I DIE - When Cole and Beth Treadwell come to Dodge City, Nat Bush begins to harass them. He doesn't want them to settle in Dodge and Matt wants to find out why.

12. LONG HOURS, SHORT PAY - Serpa runs guns to the Indians for a living. So when Matt catches him at it, he arrests the man. Unfortunately for Matt, some Pawnee have different capture the Marshall and release the prisoner.

13. HARD VIRTUE - Andy Coe and his wife Millie want to sell their wagon, but before they can, Ed Fallon's team wrecks it. Ed pays for the wagon and gives Andy a job, and that's when the trouble starts.

14. THE IMPOSTER - The sheriff of a nearby town, telegraphs Matt and asks for help tracking down an escaped prisoner.

15. CHESTER'S DILEMMA - Edna Walstrom comes to Dodge City. Chester is attracted to her and helps her get a job. She seems to be attracted to him in turn, but is she really???

16. THE LOVE OF MONEY - Matt's friend Nate passes through Dodge on his way west. Nate was a Marshall, like Matt, until his nerve failed him. Not long after his arrival, someone shoots him in the back and kills him.

17. MELINDA MILES - Melinda Miles causes trouble between Tom Potter and Ray Taloe. She's sweet on Tom, but her father prefers Ray for her. Then someone shoots Ray, and Melinda's dad thinks Tom did it.

18. COLORADO SHERIFF - Matt and Chester find Rod Ellison on the prairie, shot. And someone starts shooting at them! After they return to Dodge, Colorado Deputy Sheriff Ben Whitter rides into Dodge with a bullet in his shoulder. Was Whitter the man who was shotting at Matt and Chester?

Interest Range: Western, TV Shows