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Monday, October 22, 2012

Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1990s Book Review

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Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1990s Book Review

About the Book: The Cabbage Patch Kid craze started in the 1980s, and continued into the 1990s, where it is perpetuated by a strong community of collectors. This excellent book picks up the story at the start of the 1990s, where the authors' successful first book left off. It shows the full line of Kids produced by Hasbro from 1990-1994, including Birthday Kids, Kissin' Kids, and the 10th Anniversary dolls. All the Kids produced by Mattel between 1995-1998 are here as well, including OlympiKids, Snacktime Kids, and the Keepsake Collection. The book also features pets, with lots of valuable information about the adorable Koosas. The authors have included an excellent 85-photo reference for head molds used through both the '80s and '90s. Learn to recognize fakes and altered Kids in the marketplace, and see some creative ways to turn shabby flea market finds into beautiful Kids again.

Our Take:We love toy collecting here at the Legion, especially 1980s and 90s toys.  One of the most essential pieces to collecting toys is having a solid base of knowlege about whats out there on the market.  There is so much misinformation online, we like to still turn to print books to help.  This one showcases all of the CPK releases from the 1990s.  This guide is particularly helpful, because the 90s dolls had a lot more accessories and pack-ins than the previous decade.  Its fun to collect the 90s versions, because they were so much more colorful.  We highly recommend this one to any collector.

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