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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drinking Made Easy: Season 2 DVD Review

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Drinking Made Easy: Season 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Join the Indiana Jones of drinking, Zane Lamprey, with his buddies Steve McKenna and Pleepleus as they tour the U.S. looking for the best drinks, drinkers, and watering holes. Each week Zane and Steve visit a new city and explore its history, nightlife, and the local drinking culture. They are on a mission to show what libations and drinking lifestyles this fine nation has to offer and, of course, to make drinking easy!

Review: If you watch much cable TV then you've seen food showcase television like Man vs. Food and No Reservations.  These shows travel around to show us odd cuisine, cool restaurants, etc.  This show, Drinking Made Easy, is the other side of that coin.  This DVD is season two of comedian Zane Lamprey exploring the best drinking spots all over the USA.  This is a well-made show and we found it to be a lot of fun.  We definately recommend.

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