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Friday, October 26, 2012

Advanced TV Review: Discovery's Gold Rush Season 3 Premiere!

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If you have kept up on the last two seasons of Gold Rush, then you have shared in our collective frustration with the various groups not being able to strike it rich..or even strike it middle class!  This season, season three, Discovery is teasing that someone will strike it rich!  We cannot wait.  My wife and I are rooting for the Hoffman group, and after that Parker.  We cannot stand Dakota Fred..he's such a jerk!  ugh.  Anyway, we got an advanced look at the first episode of season three, which airs tonight, let me tell you its looking fantastic.  SO much happens in one episode, and it really does a fantastic job of setting up the rest of this season.  Who do you think still strike paydirt?  Gold Rush airs tonight, Friday, October 26 on the Discovery Channel!