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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Wrath of God DVD Review

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The Wrath of God DVD Review

Synopsis: The movie gods are playful in the action-oriented The Wrath of God – frisky, risky, violent, over the top and delivering a cast that includes Robert Mitchum, Frank Langella in an early-career performance and, in her last role, unforgettable Rita Hayworth. “This is the kind of movie we don’t see very often anymore: a simple, dashing tale told for sheer fun,” writes Roger Ebert in his Chicago Sun-Times review. Screen tough-guy Mitchum plays Oliver Van Horne, a U.S. priest on a supposed fund-raising mission in a strife-torn Latin American land. But if he is a priest, you might wonder about the machine-gun nestled in the case he carries. The pistol hidden in a Bible and the crucifix that serves as a lethal switchblade may also come in handy as he comes to the defense of people oppressed by a tyrant. God works in mysterious ways, says the combative man of the cloth. Especially if one of those ways is the enigmatic Van Horne.
Review: The Wrath of God is the type of film I enjoy..its straight and to the point.  It reminds me of films like Crank and Shoot 'Em fancy frills..just great action, a fun plot and tons of entertainment.  This film was brought to DVD by the Warner Archive in their effort to bring lesser-known vintage cinema to DVD.  This can only be purchased on their website (see link above).  This marks the final film for Rita Hayworth, and that alone makes it a must-have.  This one is a great movie...a fantastic popcorn flick.

Interest Range: Vintage Film, Action