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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rawhide: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

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Rawhide: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: The tale of Gil Favor, trail boss, and Rowdy Yates, his assistant, as they drive cattle across the old West. Along the way they meet up with adventure and drama.

Review: Rawhide was a long-running western television show that featured talent like Clint Eastwood and Lon Chaney.  These two volumes packed together represent the complete fifth season of the show.  This series deals with the daily challenges of cattle drivers in the old west and the loyalty of the men that work for them.  This season has a ton of great guests stars and 29 fantastic episodes.  This is one of the longest running western series at eight seasons long.  The video transfer on these is fantastic and a far greater quality than the BETA tape dubs I have in our basement.  I used to watch Rawhide as a kid, along with other greats like Bonanza and Gunsmoke and its great to be able to enjoy the show again.  This one would make a wonderful Xmas gift for any western or vintage TV fan on your list, as well!

Interest Range: TV Show, Western