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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Music Reviews: The Birthday Massacre "Hide and Seek"

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Today we're listening to the upcoming new album from The Birthday Massacre "Hide and Seek". 

The Birthday Massacre have managed to stay true and maintain the ambiance created by their fusion of electronics, heavy guitars and haunting vocals.  This combination sets them apart as a unique offering in a genre that all too often doesn't have the level of individuality needed to keep ones interest.   Lead singer Chibi's vocals are still as haunting as they are charming, and Rainbow and the boys keep the guitar heavy and droning.

Detractors of the band may claim that this album is just more of the same formula from TBM, but that is honestly why it works.  If its not broken..don't fix it.  TBM is so ahead of their time that they can soldier on in the same veign for many years to come...and we look forward to it.

We had the pleasure of seeing The Birthday Massacre live for their "Walking With Strangers" album back in 2007.  Their live show is so pounding and so intense that its mindblowing.  Hearing them on CD is fine...but honestly it doesn't compare to their live act, so go out and see them if you can. They're also one of the nicest bands out there, always happy to meet the fans.

The Birthday Massacre...8-bit Nintendo meets the Addams Family.  They are maybe the most original and talented act we've heard in a decade.  Their new album, "Hide and Seek" is a treat for your ears this Halloween season!   

Buy Hide and Seek on Amazon  -  Buy and Listen to Hide and Seek on the Metropolis website