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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lewis Black: In God We Rust Blu-Ray Review

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Lewis Black: In God We Rust Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: All-star comedian Lewis Black, is back and funnier than ever in Lewis Black: In God We Rust. Jump on for a rant-filled, cathartic ride through the issues of our baffling world, from inept politicians and the shortcomings of technology to the absurdity of social media. No topic is left unexplored in this landmark performance at the historic State Theatre in Minneapolis

Review: Lewis Black is an angry, angry man.  Nothing new there!  His latest stand-up special, "In God We Rust" is more of the same high quality rage comedy from the master himself.    He overturns topic after topic from religion and technology to politics.  Black is still on his game and is absolutely hilarious.  This special is well worth the time and money...a great watch.

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy