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Monday, September 24, 2012

Garfield Show: Holiday Collection DVD Review

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Garfield Show: Holiday Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: Join Garfield in this hilarious collection of 3 of Garfield's favorite holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! So bring out the pumpkin pie and get ready to sing a jolly song with Garfield and his friends this Holiday season!

Review: I tend to kick it old school.  I can get behind some new adaptations of old shows, but it took me some time to be okay with the Garfield Show.  I grew up watching Garfield and fact I even own the show on DVD.   This newer incarnation of Garfield is all CGI, which was a little hard to get used to, but my kids love the show so much that I warmed to it soon enough.  This DVD features six episodes from the show that are either set during or themed around holidays.  You get two spooky episodes, one Thanksgiving-ish episode and three Xmas time episodes.   This one is a great and inexpensive DVD to share with your kids this fall/winter season and its a ton of fun!

Interest Range: Animation, Garfield