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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Castle: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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Castle: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: She’s armed. He’s dangerous. Relive every exciting investigation with TV’s most unlikely partners in crime! Own each episode and bring home even more Castle and Beckett with exclusive Bonus Features on ABC’s Castle: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD.

Review: We've been watching Castle loyally since the beginning here at the Legion.  Our Monday nights are tuned to ABC for what is the best dramedy on television!  Nathan Fillion is an absolute comedic genius, but he plays it so well that you can also take him very seriously.  Beckett is intelligent, driven and hot...and the combination of the two and their ongoing tension is wonderful.  This show began as a crime of the week typical show, but has managed to evolve the ongoing backstory regarding the murder of Beckett's mother into a rather epic scenario that keeps the fans reeling!  This season, as Beckett recovers from being shot at the end of season three, she has chosen to ignore the romantic nothings that Castle revealed to her...but the fallback from that could be fatal to their relationship!  This season is a must see..and an absolute must own!

The special features include: Fillion And Friends: CASTLE Goes Radio -- Tune In As Nathan And Friends Perform Before A Live Audience In A Show Broadcast In The Style Of An Old-Time Radio Drama

Interest Range: Comedy, Drama, Action, TV Shows