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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marley Blu-Ray Review

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Marley Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Bob Marley's universal appeal, impact on music history, and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled. MARLEY is the definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, legend, and the man, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom. Made with the support of the Marley family, the film features rare footage, never before seen performances, previously unreleased music, and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best.

Review: I honestly didn't know too much about Bob Marley, outside of his music, a little of the politics and a lot of the ganja smoking that surrounds his legacy.  This documentary, with official music and talk with his friends and family, does a fantastic job of of painting a complete picture of his life. not focusing too hard on any one topic, it gives us a portrait of a man that had many affairs and subsequent children, even though he was married...a man who was deeply involved with social affairs and politics and of course his infamous death in 1981.  This one is great for any fan of Marley or anyone looking to learn a bit about him.

Interest Range: Documentary