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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lisztomania DVD Review

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Lisztomania DVD Review

Synopsis: The shaggy-maned idol rips into his song – and the audience screams with excitement. Some ecstatic fans storm the stage, wanting simply to touch him. Some want to bear his child. One adoring woman announces she already has. And outside the hall, a horse-drawn carriage waits to whisk the performer away. Meet Franz Liszt (Roger Daltrey), rock star, circa 1840. And great ready for all the glitter, groupies and gaudy good times of Lisztomania. The incredible list of frenzied delights goes on and on in this splendiferous extravaganza from writer/director Ken Russell, whose works include Women in Love, Altered States and Crimes of Passion. He takes you where no one else does. Or dares. Brace yourself for Lisztomania. Viewers expecting a polite gathering of people neatly posed on Louis XVI furniture are going to be blown out of their chairs, but good!

Review: A precursor to Amadeus, this 1970s film focuses on the first real classical pop star, Franz Liszt.  The film features the lead singer from the Who as Liszt with an appearance by Ringo Starr as the Pope!  This fantastic foray into decadence was all but lost on home video until now!  The Warner Archive has brought it back with a great new DVD release.  This one one of those fantastic slightly dark, slightly decadent and lot trippy films from the 70s that we've been missing! 

Interest Range: Vintage Film