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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jeff Ross Roasts America DVD Review

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Jeff Ross Roasts America DVD Review

Synopsis: You’ve seen him roast celebs from Pamela Anderson to Charlie Sheen; but now “Roastmaster General” is coming for you; America. In this one-hour special; Ross roast his way across the USA; one city and one group of masochistic volunteer roastees at a time. Traveling through cities including Seattle; Toronto; Las Vegas; Miami and Madison; Ross roasts a statue of Abe Lincoln in Washington D.C.; gets roasted by John Rich in Nashville; and in Minneapolis; brings an old friend onstage to tell a very intimate story the way only Jeff Ross can. It all adds up to an incredible hour-long tribute to these United States; and the people that inhabit it.

Review: This DVD represents Jeff Ross's first big North American tour.  He makes his way through the country from club to club, roasting foolish groups of normal people.  What makes Ross funny is his quick wit and sharp tongue.   You've seen him on the see him in action live.  This DVD does not disappoint, its hilarious and vicious.

Interest Range: Comedy