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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

James May's 20th Century DVD Review

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James May's 20th Century DVD Review

Synopsis: Top Gear’s James May revisits the 20th century to discover how inventors and their innovations changed the way we live today. With his trademark curiosity, insight, and wit, he shows how new technologies have revolutionized every aspect of our lives—how we made the world smaller, conquered space, improved our bodies, modernized warfare, built our cities, and created the teenager. In this engaging and entertaining six-part series, May travels from continent to continent, as well as back in time, to learn how we enhanced the world around us and improved ourselves

Review: James May is best known by UK audiences as one of the hosts of the wildly popular show Top Gear.  In this six-part UK series May takes us all around the world to learn about the inventions of the past century..all of the things that defined our future.  He covers everything from airplanes and kits to nylon and the hubble.  His trademark humor and great personality really shine through and make this educational show, which could otherwise come off a bit dry to most, a ton of fun.  This one would be great for classrooms or homeschoolers...or just that kid that you can't get to learn! 

The special features include: James May’s Big Ideas, a 180-minute bonus program
12-page viewer’s guide with a timeline of inventions and articles on the decades of the 20th century, predictions for the century and their outcomes, and 100 years of wacky inventions, James May biography, Plus discussion questions at

Interest Range: Documentary, Technology