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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hercules, Samson And Ulysses DVD Review

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Hercules, Samson And Ulysses DVD Review

Synopsis: Now this is a smackdown, ancient-myth style. No octagonal steel
cage. No rules. No surrender. It's Hercules vs. Samson in a brawl to outdo them
all, hurling spears, heaving chunks of pillars and, in the clinches, bending
thick iron rods around each other. Hercules had set out to find Samson and
deliver him to the Philistines in exchange for the imprisoned Ulysses and other
Ithacans. Samson, of course, fights rather than submits. But in the course of
the titanic Herc-Sam clash, something happens. The two rivals develop a mutual
respect and decide to join forces against their common foes: the Philistines.
From an enduring filmmaking tradition that unites monsters (Frankenstein Meets
the Wolf Man), desperados (Return of the Badmen) and superheroes (The Avengers)
comes a not-to-be-overlooked film that brings together Hercules, Samson and
Ulysses. Strap up your sandals' calf-high leather laces and get ready to rumble.

Review: This vintage fantasy film is from the era of biblical and greek style action.  In this one Hercules, played by Kirk Morris, is mistaken for Samson and has to take on the Philistines!  This one is full of non-stop action, which is very well played off and a great performance by Morris..his Hercules is phenominal.  I found this one to be very entertaining, moreso than a lot of the "accurate" biblical era dramas like Ben Hur or the Ten Commandments.  This one is a great vintage film and its finally on DVD! 

Interest Range: Vintage Film