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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Damon And Pythias DVD Review

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Damon And Pythias DVD Review

Synopsis: No matter the odds, they've got each other's back! Guy Williams, TV's Zorro, plunges into sword-fighting fury in the classic Greek tale Damon and Pythias. Williams plays Damon, a devil-may-care outlaw with a gleaming blade in one hand and a seductive woman in the other. When Pythias arrives in the city of Syracuse, Damon - of course - sets out to lighten the newcomer's coin pouch. But the would-be foes become brothers in combat when faced with the cruelty of Dionysius the Tyrant. Together, they brawl, battle, scale walls and elude the Tyrant's troops in a breathless chase pitting their rumbling, rickety cart against thundering horsemen. The steel of their friendship soon matches the steel of Damon's blade, shaping a bond so strong that when Pythias is captured and condemned to death, Damon offers to take his friend's place. Williams' charisma and action chops carry the excitement through to a thrilling race-against-time ending. 

Review: This early 1960s American/Italian film is based on the greek legend of Damon and Pythias, a tale of friendship and devotion.  The film does a great job of staying true to the legend and includes some fantastic costumes and backrounds...even some good battles.  The story that Pythias travels over hell and high water to save his dear friend from certain death.  This is a heartwarming and fun film.  Its great to have it on DVD!

Interest Range: Vintage Film