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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blue Like Jazz Blu-Ray Review

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Blue Like Jazz Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Based on the NEW YORK TIMES best seller that swept the nation, BLUE LIKE JAZZ is a groundbreaking film about finding yourself. Don (Marshall Allman), a pious nineteen-year-old sophomore at a Texas junior college, impulsively decides to escape his religious upbringing for life in the Pacific Northwest at Reed College in Portland, one of the most progressive campuses in America. Reed's surroundings and eccentric student body prove to be far different from the environment from which he came, forcing him to embark on a journey of self- discovery to understand who he is and what he truly believes.

Review: This film, based on a controvertial novel, is at its base a movie about one man's Christian faith and the challenges he goes through in trying to maintain and understand it.  A young man catches his mother having an affair with the youth pastor and runs off to a very liberal area in Oregon.  From there, he struggles with his guilt over not exploring his Christian teaching and trying to fit in at his new surroundings.  This is a good film for anyone into Christianity and the exploration of faith.

Interest Range: Drama