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Saturday, August 18, 2012

1st Annual Knotfest Metal Festival Invades Iowa

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We often cover the local Omaha, NE area events here at Pop Culture Insanity...and this summer was ripe with great musical festivals.  Last week we covered the Maha music festival...this week..we're going a bit darker with the first annual Knotfest, which was held right outside of Omaha in Iowa.

 When you pull up on the fields that hold the festival, right by a local race track, we're struck right away by the sheer magnitude of the whole thing.  Thousands of fans, a huge fire display, lots of food and vendors and even a small carnival complete with rides.  This is definately a place that a metal fan can spend a good day.  This one isn't for the kiddies...adults only folks!

Now..onto the bands.  I'm not going to cover everyone, but rather a few highlights.  Other bands on the ticket included the Urge, Prong and Dirtfedd.

Machinehead.  Wow, they still have it.  They were beating the hell out of the crowd with great vocals and heavy music.  I greatly enjoyed their set, even from a distance walking around the festival I could feel it reverbing through my chest.

Serj.  What do you say about the System of a Down frontman?  He's phenominal.  He's a great philanthropist and activist and puts on a wonderful show.  He later joined Chino from the Deftones on stage for their encore.  Respect.

The Deftones.  This is who we were really there to see.  It it our personal opinion that the Deftones rocked the house at Knotfest, though you could see clearly that a lot of these younger types hadn't heard of them, save the few radio singles that have gotten local airplay on 89.7 the river pre-show.  You definately feel the absence of band member Chi, especially with the older tracks, but the Deftones rock ANY house.  We got a great sampling of their music library from Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony and beyond.

Lamb of God.  Hmm..  I'm not a LOG fan myself, but my nephew, who was also in attendance with his girlfriend, assured me that their performance was hardcore and dead-on.  They certainly brought the noise and the crowd was VERY into their set.  A lot of anticipation for the day clearly rested on their appearance.

Slipknot.  Is Slipknot.  Case closed.

I'm looking forward to seeing if this festival goes on to be an annual event and what the line-up may be for 2013!  We would definately venture out again for this one.