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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Guy Who Kills People DVD Review

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Some Guy Who Kills People DVD Review

Synopsis: At first glance, Ken Boyd may seem like an average comic enthusiast, living with his mother and working to make ends meet as an underpaid, underappreciated ice cream parlor attendant. But Ken has a dirty little secret: he fantasizes about killing people. After being released from a stay in the loony bin, for severe mental trauma suffered when he was beaten and tortured by a gang of high school thugs, Ken's repressed anger suddenly reaches a boiling point. With gleeful enthusiasm Ken hunts down his tormentors, one by one, and exacts his bloody revenge.

Review: This film, Some Guy Who Kills People, appeared from the outside to be another stupid horror movie, but what we got was a fantastical ironic horror-comedy.  A tortured young man tries to make his life work, but the absolute abuse and torture he goes through inflicted by his peers is too much..and he snaps.  This satire/horror is a fantastic and bloody freakfest that is sure to become an instant cult classic!  We cannot recommend this one enough.

Interest Range: Suspense