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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sanctuary - The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray Review

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Sanctuary - The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Amanda Tapping returns as Dr. Helen Magnus in the amazing fourth season of the hit Syfy series, promising bigger myths and greater surprises than ever before.

Review: This blu-ray release is the fourth season of the Syfy hit Sanctuary.   Sci-Fi fans rejoice when we get a show with consistant quality like this.  The Fourth season, though not loved by all fans, took risks and I feel they paid off.  The outstanding episodes include Tempus and Icebreaker.  Low points in this season...the what seems to now be essential musical episode.  I was NOT into that whatsoever.  Other than that, this one was a complete win and a must-have for any fan.

Interest Range: Sci-Fi, TV Shows