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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Spotlight: Dark Knight Rises Film Cels

Product Spotlight: Dark Knight Rises Film Cels

You can purchase these and many other designs online at WB Shop

The Dark Knight Rises is coming this week!  Legions of Gotham is featuring new Dark Knight Rises product all week long...and this round is for the high-end merchandise!  We are featuring two of several mounted and framed film cel sets from Film Cels Ltd.  These range in cost from around $30 all the way in the hundreds and at all price points they're absolutely classy and impressive.  If you're looking for tasteful and high-end ways to commemorate the final chapter in Nolan's bat trilogy..this is it.  We absolutely love these and cannot recommend them enough.  See our size comparisons in the images below.

Links: Film Cels Ltd. Facebook, Film Cels Ltd. Twitter

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