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Monday, July 23, 2012

G.I. Joe Series 2: Season 2 DVD Review

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G.I. Joe Series 2: Season 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: The battle rolls on in the final season of G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, Series 2! General Hawk returns with his new team of JOEs, ready to take on any challenge by Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization out for world domination. And Cobra Commander’s clearly left the toughest challenges for last! Does G.I. JOE have what it takes to stop them?

The popular second season of this series from 1991 sees the return of fan favorite characters including Duke, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in adventures more exciting than ever! And now you can complete your collection with all 20 episodes of this outrageous second season in one three-disc set!

Review: This DVD represents the second and final episodes of the DIC Entertainment relaunch of GI Joe from 1991.  The show is easily distinguishable by seasoned and even casual fans by the new theme song and the difference in characters and animation quality.  The original "Real American Hero" series was produced by Sunbow back in the 1980s and the animation still holds up quite well.  DIC rushed their animation significantly and it truly shows.  Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE the DIC series too, because it expanded on a show that I had thought was long dead as a child.  I didn't mind these changes growing up and I honestly look past them just fine now.  A few of the major differences in the shows characters include Storm Shadow turned good as a GI Joe, the goofy brightly neon-colored and comical Cobra characters like the Night Creepers.   You can certainly see the early 90s influence!  Its said that Hasbro handed the series over to DIC to save on productions costs, which were mostly coming out of their own pockets at that point.  This DVD represents the full second and final season of the DIC series.  This one is a great buy for anyone looking to relive those childhood moments and a definate must for any serious GI Joe fan!

Interest Range: Vintage Animation, GI Joe