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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Washington: Behind Closed Doors DVD Review

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Washington: Behind Closed Doors DVD Review

Synopsis: CIA director Bill Martin (Cliff Robertson, Charly, Falcon Crest) knows that an incoming president means a new direction for the country—and another set of eyes on the top secret Primula Report. Martin tries to build a rapport with his new boss, but President Richard Monckton (Jason Robards, All the President’s Men) is more interested in settling old scores and cleaning house with the help of the FBI. 

Against the backdrop of a war in Southeast Asia and antiwar protests at home, this high-intensity political drama tells the story of an increasingly paranoid president, an administration under siege, and a reckless group of White House aides desperate to hold on to power. Featuring Stefanie Powers (Hart to Hart), Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.), and Andy Griffith (Matlock). Special appearance by John Houseman (The Paper Chase).

Review: This great british drama from the 1970s is a timeless political thriller that is well-acted and absolutely riveting.  This precursor to shows like the West Wing is a fantastic gem that we had never had the opportunity to view until it was imported here recnetly by the fine folks at Acorn Media.  This one shows politics in all their glory..or lack thereof...backstabbing and con artistry at every turn!  This one is not to be missed.  DVD releases like this are great when its summertime and you're in between current TV shows..this gives you something great to follow!

The special features include: BONUS 8-page booklet with articles on the historical background of the program, the Vietnam War, peace movements in America, Nixon’s visit to China, and the Watergate scandal; plus brief biographies of the political figures of the period, SDH subtitles, Contains coarse and offensive language, Due to the age of these programs and the improved resolution that DVD provides, you may notice occasional flaws in the image or audio of this DVD presentation that were beyond our ability to correct from the original materials.  Due to music rights, this program has been modified for home video presentation.

Interest Range: Drama