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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rags to Riches: The Complete Series DVD Review

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Rags to Riches: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: Before Glee, there was TV favorite Rags to Riches. When millionaire Nick Foley (Joseph Bologna) learns that his public "playboy" image could impede a highly profitable company merger he's trying to negotiate, he adopts five orphan girls (including Martin’s Tisha Campbell). Now, bachelor Nick must struggle between his time-consuming business commitments and the girls' need for a real father. Set in the early 60s, the cast performs musical numbers from the period which further the story lines of each episode. Episodes: Pilot, High Society, Foley vs. Foley, First Love, Business Is Business, Patty’s Mom, Bad Blood, Born to Ride, Vegas Rock, Once in a Lifeguard, That’s Cheating, Wilderness Blues, Dear Diary, Hunk in the House, Marva in the Key of Cee, Beauty and the Babe, Russian Holiday, A Very Foley Christmas, Guess Who’s Coming to Slumber?, Sweet Sixtee

Review: Rags to Riches is a typically crazy 1980s plot...a self-made rich man needs an image boost, so he adopts five orphans.  Sure, that happens every day.   This show, although it was short-lived, was absolutely charming.  Its so cool to see it released on DVD in its entirety.  I had completely forgotten about this one until now and it was a fun walk down memory lane to see it again.  Plus, its nice to have a show to watch with the kids that isn't full of sex, violence and the like.  This one is a great family show that is a must-own.

The episode list is as follows:

(Season 1)
1. Rags to Riches ( Pilot) 9/Mar/87
2. Foley vs. Foley 22/Mar/87
3. High Society 15/Mar/87
4. First Love 29/Mar/87
5. Business is Business 5/April/87
6. Patty's Mom 12/April/87
7. Bad Blood 19/April/87
8. Born to ride 26/April/87

(Season 2)
8. Vegas Rock 1&2 18/Sept/87
9. Once in a Lifegaurd 25/Sept/87
10. That's Cheating 2/Oct/87
11. Wilderness Blues 16/Oct/87
12. Dear Diary 23/Oct/87
13. Hunk in the House 6/Nov/87
14. Marva in the key of Cee 13/Nov/87
15. Beauty and the Babe 20/Nov/87
16. A Russion Holiday 11/Dec/87
17. A Very Foley Christmas 20/Dec/87
18. Guess Who's Coming to Slumber 8/Jan/88
19. Sweet 16 15/Jan/88

Interest Range: Vintage TV