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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai: Volumes 1 & 2 DVD Review

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Power Rangers Samurai: Volumes 1 & 2 DVD Review

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Volume 1 Synopsis: Master Xandred, the evil Nighlok leader, has reawakened. And it’s up to Red Ranger Jayden and his Mentor Ji to form a new team of Samurai Rangers! Bound to duty by ancestry, Kevin, Mike, Emily and Mia join Jayden in his quest to abolish evil from the world. Soon, the teens must work together, with the help of their inherited symbol powers, to battle and defeat the menacing Nighloks. Meanwhile, Xandred moves forward with his plan to cause the waters of the Sanzu River to rise with human tears and flood Earth. The Samurais must risk everything to keep their friends, family, and civilization safe. Featuring non-stop energy, incredible transformations, and the power of teamwork, these four adventures are filled with serious Samurai action! 

Volume 2 Synopsis: A new threat lurks deep from the Netherworld and the future of mankind rests in the hands of the only team with the knowledge and powers to defeat them – The Power Rangers Samurai! Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily and Antonio must battle Master Xandred’s menacing Nighloks as they also learn to hone their powers and energies from Mentor Ji. Whether its saving civilians from physically crippling insults, mastering new Megazords and Beetle Cannons, the Rangers must do whatever it takes to bring down the Nighloks. But soon a mysterious new enemy appears on the horizon, intent on battling Jayden. Who will prevail?

Review: Power Rangers: Samurai is just the latest in a long line of fantastic and popular Power Rangers series.   Since the early 1990s they've taken America by storm and kids of all generations still love 'em...including my own.  This latest series is without a doubt the best yet and the first eight episodes of the series are collected in order here on these two volumes.  The new team of Rangers faces the dreaded Nighloks, and the battles are intense!  The action is there, the story is there and the characters are fantastic.  These are a great release for any Power Ranger fan!

Interest Range: Action, Kids