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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Louie: Season 2 DVD Review

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Louie: Season 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Comedian Louis C.K. is back with another season of this critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated hit. Spotlighting C.K.'s signature brand of twisted observational humor, Season Two follows the everyday trials of single dad Louie as he struggles to raise his kids, advance his career, and somehow get some action in the meantime. Facing one bummer after another, Louie takes on inattentive crowds, insane relatives, and a hair-raising U.S.O. tour of Afghanistan. Featuring a stellar array of guest stars including Joan Rivers, and Chris Rock, Louie Season Two comes fully loaded with unrestrained deleted scenes and commentaries by Louis C.K.

Review: We enjoy comedy here at the Legion as much as the next folks.  In fact, we love Louis C.K. as a comedian.  Often times when you give a stand-up their own show it...well it doesn't translate well, lets just say that (case in point, that new Russell Brand show...ugh).  Louie, however, is a complete HIT.  The show is ackward, painful, disturbing and all that wrapped neatly with a bow of self-loathing and you have Louie.  This FX network show is absolutely hilarious and never disappoints.  This DVD collects the complete second season and its a must-own.

Interest Range: Comedy