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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Taking It to the Streets DVD Review

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Taking It to the Streets DVD Review

Synopsis: Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew return for more high-stakes adventure in the special collection, DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: TAKING IT TO THE STREETS. In four action-packed episodes of the A&E hit reality series, Dog, Beth and the Chapman clan track a meth dealer and his pregnant girlfriend through the high plains of Colorado, then it s a dangerous trip to Hawaii for the pursuit of a dangerous fugitive that will lead them through the jungles on their way to a midnight raid. Next it s back to Colorado, where Dog squares off with a family determined to protect a runner with more than a decade s worth of trouble with the law. Finally, Dog masterminds a risky hoax involving the felon s family in an attempt to bring him to justice.

Review: Dog and his family of bounty hunters always take it to the streets like a boss!  This new DVD collects four episodes from this long-running hit show.  If you're a fan of Dog, then this is a no-brainer!  You already know and love this quirky family of justice-seekers.  If you've never seen Dog, this is a great introduction.  You can dive right in and follow all the action as the family tracks and tries to council and help the various criminals on their "to get" list.  Episodes include: The Ice Man, Trouble In Paradise, Mano-a-Mano and The Comeback Kid.

Interest Range: Reality, Bounty Hunting