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Friday, June 08, 2012

Born Yesterday Blu-Ray Review

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Born Yesterday Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Academy Award winning nominee Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) stars as Billie Dawn, a Las Vegas showgirl whose lack of sophistication makes for some hilariously embarrassing moments in the Washington, D.C., social scene. That's when her overbearing boyfriend (John Goodman - The Artist) hires a well-educated and handsome journalist (Don Johnson - When in Rome) to smarten her up. The improbable romance that blossoms between Billie and her tutor turns all of their lives - and Washington, D.C. - upside down!

Review: Born Yesterday is a great vintage comedy that stars Melanie Griffith as a dopey showgirl.   The supporting cast of John Goodman is always enjoyable.  This one is a cute love story that spans the ages.  The hair and talk is a little dated, but its fun.  And the best thing..this blu-ray is cheap!  

Interest Range: Comedy