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Monday, May 21, 2012

Shock Labyrinth [2D/3D Blu-ray + DVD] Review

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Shock Labyrinth [2D/3D Blu-ray + DVD] Review

Synopsis: This horror-thriller follows a group of teenagers dealing with the sudden return of a friend who went missing a decade ago. When the friend falls ill, they take her to a hospital but end up trapped in a labyrinthine haunted house.

Joined by Miyu, Yuki s younger sister, the five quickly rush Yuki to a hospital, where something seems terribly wrong. No one is there to help them and not a patient is in sight. In the midst of the confusion, Yuki disappears. The night of terror that ensues, where Ken, Rin, Motoki and Miyu must navigate the labyrinth-like corridors of the hospital as well as their own minds, are forced to confront their past, unearth long-suppressed memories, and test the resilience of their sanity.

Review: There are a few gimmicks in the horror genre that keep things fresh.  Excessive gore is one...mind games are another..and 3D is the ultimate.   This is Japans first horror 3D offering and it is intense!   There are times when a great psychological horror film in 3D would be pointless..this is not one of those times.  This set comes with a 2D Blu-Ray option, but you'd be missing out by utilizing it in that format.  The 3D is so intense that the objects float right in front of your face.  We found this one to be top of the line both in story and in 3D effect.  There was no ghosting and a fantastic utilization of the technology.  We highly recommend.

Interest Range: Horror