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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hell On Wheels - The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review

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Hell On Wheels - The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A Confederate soldier, out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who murdered his wife, follows their trail to the raucous, traveling town alongside the construction of the transcontinental railroad.

Review: We're a fan of westerns here at the Legion.   When AMC announced that they were following-up their fantastic drama "The Walking Dead" with an original western surrounding the events of the building of the transcontinental railroad, we were intrigued.  When we saw the pilot episode we were interested and as the show moved on, we were absolutely engaged and addicted.  This is without a doubt a new era for the western.  The character-driven drama follows a former confederate soldier, Cullen Bohannon, as he seeks out the Northern soldiers that murdered his wife.  The show takes on far deeper dimensions as you start to meet those surrounding this huge American venture.  The show has action, suspense, drama and sex.  This one is not to be missed!  We'll fill our time impatiently waiting for season two by watching through this season one blu-ray again and we recommend that you do the same!

Interest Range: TV Show, Western