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Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Elmo Fun DVD Review

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Big Elmo Fun DVD Review

Synopsis: Get ready for some really, really big fun when Elmo is accidentally turned big and towers over Sesame Street! While Abby tries to figure out how to get Elmo small again, kids will learn all about measuring in this extra tall tale. Then, Elmo makes friends with a Monarch butterfly and cooks up even more big fun in a silly cooking competition! Featuring three full length stories, two engaging new songs with Elmo and a special animated book extra, everyone will want to have Big Elmo Fun!

Review: Everyone loves can you not?  Sesame Street is a fantastic show for kids and has dominated airwaves for decades.  This new DVD features three great tales of everyone's favorite furry red monster.  The first and funnest one is where elmo gets turned into a giant.  This one is sure to please your little ones and you can't find safer and more constructive entertianment for your kids!

Interest Range: Sesame Street, Kids