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Monday, April 23, 2012

Young Goethe in Love DVD Review

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Young Goethe in Love DVD Review

Synopsis: Germany 1772 the young and tumultuous Johann Goethe (Alexander Fehling) aspires to be a poet; but after failing his law exams, he is sent by his father (Henry Huebchen) to a sleepy provincial court to mend his ways. Unsure of his talent and eager to prove himself, Goethe soon wins the praise and friendship of his superior Kestner (Moritz Bleibtreu). But then Lotte (Miriam Stein) enters his life and nothing is the same as before. However, the young lovers are unaware that her father has already promised Lotte s hand to another man. 

Review: This film centers around a forbidden love affair in the real life of famed German author Goethe, who is most famous for his pinnacle work, "Faust".   This is the film for the true hopeless romantic.  Two people that cannot be together and against all strive to still show each other their feelings.  Reality is too strong for them to stay together, but you're left with a resounding feeling of their passion.  Forget that Twilight crap...this one is a must see. 

Interest Range: Drama