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Monday, April 16, 2012

Timeless Halloween Collectibles, 1920 to 1949 Book Review

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Timeless Halloween Collectibles, 1920 to 1949 Book Review

About the Book: The definitive reference guide for vintage Halloween collectors looking for accurate information on each piece, as well as for designers looking for the best in Halloween graphics. The collectibles showcased span what some people consider the "Golden Years" of Halloween production—1920 through 1949. You'll be charmed by the artwork of the many invitations shown and wonder how a host ever survived without the myriad party helps. Dozens of die cut items have graphics so vivid they almost jump from the pages! See the artist's creativity at its best when you pore over the party games and hats. And what Halloween would be complete without the Jack-O'-Lantern? The stock number, initial release year, and object's proper name, are taken directly from holiday sales catalogs and interspersed with the author's comments. Over 350 photographs include some never-before-seen items. A value guide accompanies each entry.

Our Take: We enjoy collecting here at the Legion.  We have gotten way more into the antique Halloween items in the past few years.  Let me tell you, for those that don't know..the market price on these items is HIGH!  Its hard to locate a lot of these items..mostly you rely on flea markets, antique walks and antique stores to find and identify what was out there.  This book, published recently in 2005, chronicles items from 1920 to 1949.  This great guide features hundreds of full-color items, mostly paper goods.  We learned SO much about what is out there and it really helps to go through books like this, because you can train your eye to be on the lookout and know what you're seeing!  We highly recommend this one for anyone interested in Halloween collectibles.

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