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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wicker Tree Blu-Ray Review

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The Wicker Tree Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: When two young missionaries (Brittania Nicol, Henry Garrett) head to Scotland, they are initially charmed by the locals in the town of Tressock, and agree to become the local Queen of the May and Laddie for the annual town festival. But the couple is not prepared for the frightening consequences of their decision, and the very disturbing secrets they are about to discover about Tressock's seemingly friendly townspeople. Written and Directed by Robin Hardy, The Wicker Tree also features Graham McTavish, Jacqueline Leonard, Honeysuckle Weeks, Clive Russell with Christopher Lee, star of the original The Wicker Man.

Review: This film was not what I expected at ALL.   This one is a relative of the previous film the Wicker Man, but it really comes off more like a dark comedy with satire prevelant and throughout.  The film centers around a pure little converted christian couple traveling to Scotland.  They get caught up in some local insanity and very quickly things begin to degenerate.  This one will offend if you're super religious.  I found it to be rather humorous and a great satire about faith and fate.

Interest Range: Horror