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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Polyphonica Crimson S Complete Collection DVD Review

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Polyphonica Crimson S Complete Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: To bring law and order you need police, to make music you need musicians, and to make the former using the latter, you need a Dantist! Ever since he was visited by a mysterious spirit as a boy, Phoron's wanted to become one of the elite battle bards who watch over the continent of Polyphonica. Yet even though he's mastered the basic skills for singing the Commandia spells and operating a One-Man Orchestra, he's been unable to summon the required spirit companion because of a promise he made to that first spirit: to sing only for her. But that silence is shattered and Phoron's musical meanderings are over when his supernatural partner suddenly returns, intent on finalizing the 'contract' they made twelve years ago! Which would be great except for one thing: she's not just any spirit, but the dreaded Corticarte, the Crimson Annihilator! But what the heck, sometimes you just you just have to grit your teeth and duet! Get ready for a musical partnership with more than its share of discord and a distinctly martial beat in Polyphonica Crimson S!

Review: We've seen a lot of anime come across our plates here at the Legion.  This one is a prequel to one we watched a few years back called Polyphonica.  Viewers quick on the uptake may notice a few modifications to the history, but overall its pretty much untouched.  This DVD set collects all 12 episodes of this part of the series and is definately something that should be seen before watching the original Polyphonica.  This one goes back to when they're in school still and it is a great look at the beginnings of the kids' spirit adventures!  A great watch.

Interest Range: Anime