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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planet Egypt DVD Review

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Planet Egypt DVD Review

Synopsis: It was the world's most important ancient civilization and lasted longer than any other. In this exciting four-part miniseries, HISTORY explores the technology, culture, religion, wars and peace that unified Egypt for 3,000 years. Planet Egypt investigates Egypt's legacy through portraits of its most influential Pharaohs: King Narmer, who united more than 40 regional tribes into the first Egyptian civilization; Thutmose III, who expanded and secured Egypt's borders; Amnenhotep III and his revolutionary son Akhenaten, who attempted to break the power of the priests and reorganize the traditional role of religion; and Ramsses II, the great builder of temples and tombs who devoted his life to the cult of death. Threaded throughout are intimate details of typical Egyptian daily life. From feats of engineering and the most ambitious construction projects in history, to its obsession with life, death and immortality, the amazing story of ancient Egypt still astounds us today.

Review: We love historical documentary here at the Legion.  Egyptology has been a fascination of ours for a very long time and there are plenty of specials to go around.  You get features on the pyramids..some on tut..some on other pharoahs..even on sex in ancient Egypt.  What makes Planet Egypt special is that it covers such a broad range of topics throughout its four parts that its absolutely definitive.  This one paints a picture of ancient Egypt that is both dynamic and enlightening.  We really enjoyed this one and we know you will too!

Interest Range: Documentary