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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions DVD Review

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Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions DVD Review

Synopsis: When it comes to odd jobs, Paul F. Tompkins has experienced them all, stand-up comedian included. In this extended and uncensored stand-up special. Paul (and his impressive mustache) takes us on a hilarious tour of his varied career. Relive his glory days as an employee at a Beta-only video store, a hat shop salesman catering to tourists looking for "king hats," an actor with an improbable cameo in an epic film, and a quip-producing regular on Best Week Ever. Paul F.Tompkins' prolific comedy career includes over a 100 television and film credits - Mr. Show with Bob and Dave, Tenacious D, The Sarah Silverman Show, and Best Week Ever to name a few. Regular guest appearances on shows like Late Night with Conan O'Brien and a busy touring schedule keeps his material fresh and topical. In this extended and uncensored stand-up special Paul takes you on a hilarious tour of the many jobs he's had - some glamorous, many. not so much. It's a must own for all comedy fans.

Review: We love stand-up here at the Legion, but we're rather picky about what we'll feature, because there is honestly just so much crap out there.  This new DVD special from Paul F. Tompkins focuses on the absurd situations that the working world can bring.  We definately enjoyed his recollections on his working past and found him to be rather funny.  This one is sure to bring laughs.

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy