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Monday, April 16, 2012

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys in the U.S.A. Book Review

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys in the U.S.A. Book Review

About the Book: Welcome to the world of McDonald's Happy Meal*r collectibles. These two books(USA and Worldwide)present a thorough list and complete Price Guide for the thousands of toys and collectibles distributed with Happy Meal*r boxes and bags. Together, they are the most authoritative references. Thousands of all-color photographs show the toys, boxes, bags, advertising materials, buttons, pins, and variations given out both in the United States (one book) and in all the other countries around the world(another book). The authors have established a definitive numbering system to identify each and every item distributed with an alphabetical/numerical listing, and a cross-reference superseding numbering systems in other books. This set of books gives a time line of McDonald's Corporation history, check-off boxes to help you organize your collection, and the catalog of the items distributed with a Happy Meal*r in the USA and worldwide. Read along and enjoy the fun!

Our Take: We have a huge love for fast food toys here at the Book Legion.  My wife and I have been collecting for nearly two decades and books like this one have been haunting antique malls forever.  This one covers American McDonalds toys up to 1995.   This book was written by the Losonsky's, as are all three of the books we're going to cover today.  They are fast food toy experts to the Nth degree and their books are so comprehensive that its unreal.  I have a very extensive knowlege of McDonalds toys from 1983 onward, but this one is nice, because not only does it fill in from the 1950s onward, but it also includes a lot of employee items that I'd never seen before.  For example, a Mario employee button from the Super Mario Bros. 3 series.  We highly recommend this book for anyone looking to identify and learn more about McDonalds fast food premiums.  This is also great for ebay sellers looking to identify items they come across!  We highly recommend.

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