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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McDonald's® Happy Meal® Toys from the Nineties Book Review

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 McDonald's® Happy Meal® Toys from the Nineties Book Review

About the Book: The world of McDonald's® Happy Meal® collecting continues to grow! In this third volume devoted to McDonald's® toys, you will find a complete listing and updated price guide for the thousands of toys, promotional items, and other McDonald's® collectibles distributed in the United States from January 1990 through mid-1998. With hundreds of color photographs, this book lists, describes, and pictures the broad variety of Happy Meal® promotions from the 1990s, including boxes, bags, premiums, and advertising materials.The authors have established a definitive numbering system which identifies and distinguishes each of the items, and check-off boxes are provided to help you organize and document your own collection. Brief historical comments from each year chronicle the ongoing growth and success of the world-renowned McDonald's® Corporation For the fast food collector and enthusiast, this is the definitive guide to Happy Meal® toys from the 1990s! Be sure to complete your McDonald's® library with the Losonskys' companion volumes, McDonald's® Pre-Happy Meal® Toys from the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies, McDonald's® Happy Meal® Toys from the Eighties, and McDonald's® Happy Meal® Toys Around the World.

Our Take: The Losonsky's are back in this great comprehensive book from the fine folks at Schiffer.  This one focuses on McDonald's Happy Meal Toys from just the 1990s.  This was a great era for toys featuring everything from 101 Dalmations to Hook, Barbie and what can easily be called the hottest craze of the 90s...Teanie Beanie Babies by Ty!  This book is right on par with their other archives and features hundreds of full-color pictures that show you the toys, employee premiums and actual translite signs and in-store displays.  The book is absolutely fantastic and a must-have for any fast food collector!

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