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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jo Koy: Lights Out DVD Review

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Jo Koy: Lights Out DVD Review

Synopsis: Jo Koy's star continues to rise in his second feature-length, uncensored stand-up special, Lights Out, filmed at the Alex Theatre in Glendale California. Infectiously funny and painfully honest, Jo hits on such topics as the joys and struggles of fatherhood, growing up with strong and opinionated Filipino women, sleep apnea, and role playing. If you don't already know Jo from his stand-up or regular roundtable appearances on Chelsea Lately, it's time that you do. Ting ting!

Review: Jo Koy is an up and coming comedian that has been gaining some momentum recently.  His stand-up act is fresh and young and never disappoints.   Its not easy to find decent stand-up these days, but you can rely on Lights Out to make you laugh.  We recommend this one, its a great time.

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy