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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Peter Pan Returns DVD Review

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Peter Pan Returns DVD Review

Synopsis: Join Jake and his crew in search of Peter Pan's shadow! Yay hey! The most famous Never Land hero of all time is back! Before you can say, "I can fly!" - Peter Pan returns to lead Jake And The Never Land Pirates on their first-ever full-length adventure. During a game of "catch-me-if-you-can," Peter Pan's mischievous shadow slips away.and winds up in the clutches of that sneaky snook, Captain Hook! Now it's up to Jake, Izzy, Cubby - and YOU - to help Peter rescue his shadow. Then, enjoy more excitement with five Jake And The Never Land Pirates adventures, including a DVD premiere. Awash with happy thoughts, swashbuckling action, new songs, and never-ending fun, Jake And The Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns! proves good friends can do great things when they work together

Review: Kids just love Peter Pan and the idea of Neverland.  There are clear cut good and bad sides...a fantasy land where you can do whatever you want...whats not to like, right?  I wasn't that crazy about the original Disney as a kid, but the combination of the Fox show Peter Pan and the Pirates and the movie Hook did it for me!  Now, my own little ones enjoy this new Disney Jr. show...Jake and the Pirates.  Actually, they love it!   This new DVD features about six episodes from the show, including one that features the return of the great Peter Pan himself!  This is the second DVD release for the show and we can't wait for more!  We highly recommend this one.

Interest Range: Animation, Disney