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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Broken Tower DVD Review

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Broken Tower DVD Review

Synopsis: One of the most influential poets of his generation, Hart Crane lived a life of passion and turmoil. Shooting in three countries in the streets that the poet himself haunted, writer/director and star James Franco gives a no-holds-barred performance in a film as rebellious, heartbreaking and honest as Crane himself. Bonus Features: Audio Commentary with Director James Franco, Producer Vince Jolivette and Cinematographer Christina Voros, Interviews with Hart Crane Scholars by James Franco.

Review: This film focuses on the chaotic and tragic life of the great American poet, Hart Crane.  His life was riddled with confusion, depression and a struggle with his homosexuality, which was apparently a bisexuality with a strong aversion towards males.  This shouldn't overshadow his work, but it does.  Broken Tower is one of his final works, before he was found dead way before his time.  This film is masterfully crafted and the acting by James Franco is superb.  We highly recommend this one. 

Interest Range: Drama